What do we love about our county?  What is it that makes it a place we want to live, and that others want to visit?  In large part our quality of life is determined by our public places and protected reserves - our trails, parks, springs and conservation areas.   According to Tim Baylie, Director of Volusia County Parks, Recreation and Culture, every trail in the county has benefited from ECHO in some way as have many of the points of interest along the trails. the list of ECHO projects is long and can be seen on the Website .   Both the Spring to Spring Trail and the East Central Regional Rail Trail were  awarded ECHO Grants and these trails were a major factor in the selection of both the St Johns River-to-Sea Loop and the Coast to Coast Trail for state funding as top-priority Florida SUNTrails.    As you are out enjoying our beautiful, priceless trails, parks and springs... look for the -  #ECHO Funded signs.   Send them to us or post them on Facebook with the hashtag  #ECHOfunded. 

Thanks to Arnette Sherman for the photo at Lake Beresford Park Trailhead.