Where to Ride Now

Although there are still some incomplete sections there are many long completed green sections of the Loop that feature beautiful scenery, amazing state, county and local parks, springs, beaches and waterways with fascinating history and great experiences.

​It’s a Loop, so of course you can start anyplace. We describe the Loop running clockwise (i.e. north then west) following the path of our sister trail the Coast to Coast Trail from Titusville to DeBary.

At DeBary just beyond Gemini Springs the two trails split at a spot we can Florida’s Trail Hub.  The Coast to Coast branches Southwest to St Petersburg while the Loop continues west then heads north to Palatka, east to St Augustine and the south along the coast back to Titusville. 

The pages at the links below empahsize long (20 miles or more) completed sections of the Loop.  Although there may be some remaining gaps in these sections most are easily navigated by experienced riders.  We recommend that casual riders, or those with children, stay on completed trail sections (shown in green on most maps). 

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Explore the Loop

We begin in Titusville following the completed section to DeBary (with a spur to Edgewater) and then continue around the Loop to Palatka, St Augustine and then back to Titusville.

1. Southeast

Titusville, Edgewater, Osteen

2. Southwest

Spring to Spring Trail and Lake Monroe Loop

3. Northwest

Pierson, Cresent City, Palatka, Hastings

4. Northeast

St Augustine/St Johns County

5. Atlantic

Marineland to Edgewater

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Map Links

Link to an experimental map created by a Stetson Intern. It needs work especially with the accomodations. and we don’t have the means to fix it yet but Please check it out and give me your comments.

Experimental Map

Link to FDOT SUNTrail Maps. There are some errors around Lake Beresford Park and DeLeon Springs Park in West Volusia.


Trailheads & Camping

Trailheads and campgrounds can be explored in the story map. Click the image and then select the Trail Heads or Camping tab.

Numbering begins at Titusville and proceeds to DeBary, Palatka, St Augustine and back to Titusville. Click on the numbered tag on the map or on the image for more information about the trailhead.