Volunteer to help with events and projects

Thank you for your interest inVolunteering.  We are always looking for help and especially for planning and executing projects and events.  

Ride and Active Events

For rides and active events we need help in advance with promotion, flyer design, attracting sponsors, route design, venue planning and permits, food planning, route marking, and volunteer management. On the day of the event we need help with setup, ride leading, entertainment, food service, rest stop serving and cleanup. We also seek help with photography and videography.


We often have projects in planning or operations. We are always looking for grant writers, planner and project execution.

Registered Volunteers

A Registered Volunteer is a person who is willing to sign up for occasional service, for example at events or other special occasions that require a few hours, or for future assignments such as Trail Ranger or Cleanup Parties.

School Volunteers

We are always ready  to provide documentation and help track volunteer hours for Bright Futures and other school volunteer programs.

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