Trail Updates

West Volusia updates courtesy of Travis Terpstra. 

St Johns River to Sea Loop
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Gobblers Gap   Image removed.
Photo of status as of October 10, 2020 courtesy of Bill Stanley.  
Everyone is eager for the “Gobblers Gap” to be completed. This is the last remaining gap on the “South Leg” of the Loop between Debary on the west and Titusville and Edgewater on the east.  Gobblers Gap is the 3.5 mile section between Gobblers Lodge Road near Farmton and Guise Road east of Osteen.  It’s especially important because  it’s the only remaining gap in the long 57 mile section and the interim route along Maytown Road does not have a safe bike lane.  The latest word from Volusia County is that the gap will be completed early in 2021.
Everyone is keeping fingers cross for completion in early spring.  The Alliance is planning a big celebration and launching bike-overnight tours. 

DeBary West
The gap between Highway 17/92 at Dirksen Blvd and Rob Sullivan Park on Highbanks Road will start construction in early 2021 and is expected to be completed by fall of 2021.  The short section from Rob Sullivan Park along Highbanks Road to Donald E. Smith Blvd is considered complete and no further improvements are planned.  The trail along the West side of Donald E. Smith Blvd. from Highbanks to where the Blue Spring connector sections begins at DeBary Plantation Blvd does not currently have a detailed schedule.  Construction is funded in FY 2023/2024. 

Lake Beresford Park to Minnesota at Grand Avenue
This segment is especially important because currently there is no safe route to access the trailhead at Lake Beresford Park from DeLand and points north.  The section has been segmented into 3 separate phases.  Design should be starting in early 2021.  Design and right of way acquisition may take up to 2 years.  Construction is tentatively partially funded in Fiscal Year 2022/2023.  Also attached is the latest alignment map for these trails for your review and use. 

DeLeon Springs
The DeLeon Spring Trail from Baxter and Grand to Spring Garden and US-17 is currently under construction and should be complete in late 2020 or early 2021.  Please see the attached for reference.  The Connector trail/sidewalk from River to Sea Loop towards DeLeon Spring state park was recently completed.  Attached is the cover sheet from the construction plans showing the alignment. 

Daytona Area update courtesy of Jason Aufdenberg Image removed.
The Loop through Daytona is moving ahead with several sections already completed and the remainder expect to complete b y 2021.  As shown the Sweetheart trail is currently closed for renovation but is expected to repopen about the same time the new Brown and Brown opens.  Watch for the maps on the website to be updated soon, and expect a BIG celebration when the Sweetheart Trail segment reopens! 
Special thanks to board member Jason Aufdenberg for updates and for championing the Loop and cycling.   If you follow our Facebook page @SJR2C  you will see frequent updates from Jason about the status of the Loop in East Volusia.  Here are some recent posts:
Daytona Beach trail update: lighting added along the Sweetheart Trail between Shady Pl and Bellevue Ave. Also ADA detectable warning surfaces added at all drive way and road crossings between Beville Rd and Bellevue Ave.
Part of the 4.1-mile Sweetheart trail in Daytona Beach (part of the East Coast Greenway and the SJR2C Loop) is on a quiet street (Rio Vista Ave/Anita Ave) and a two-way cycle track along Ballough road.
The City says 80% of the trail within its city limits is now complete (though sections near ISB/US92 are closed now for park renovation) and are the expected to be 100% complete sometime in 2021.

Free Bicycle Daytona Transportation Map
St Johns River-to-Sea Loop Alliance  board member Jason Aufdenberg has developed and maintains a free bicycle transportation map and app for Avenza Maps for all riders who are looking for lower-stress bike routes, and the location of bike paths, bike lanes and bike shops. Bicycle parking coming soon. The map shows which busy roads have shoulders and what the speed limits are. The map displays on iOS or Android phones and works off-line, no internet required, only GPS is needed to see your location on the map. This Bicycle Daytona Transportation Map link below will take you to the app and map. Shared-use paths include the St Johns River-to-Sea Loop segments now complete in the Daytona area.
Coast to Coast Trail and Connections to Winter Park
The trail through Lake Monroe Park is complete. The connector between the Sun Rail station and the Coast to Coast Trail is a project by the City of DeBary that is funded for construction in the current fiscal year.  With the protected bikelane on the Highway 17/92 bridge across the St Johns River the rest of the Coast to Coast Trail is now connected to the Loop.  With the new Cross Seminole Trail “Missing Link” expected in January, 2021 you will now be able to ride safely from DeBary to Winter Park via Oviedo!  

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