Be a Friend of the Loop and regional trails

New for 2022… Announcing our new Trail Alliance Friends Program. 

Become a Trail Alliance Friend and kick off a new and better year for trails and active mobility in 2022.

The Alliance works hard to help our region complete and improve trails and bikeable/walkable infrastructure, and we’ve accomplished a lot in the last five years. We need your help to continue to fulfill our mission.  .  

Trails bring a wealth of benefits

  • health and fitness
  • equitable mobility
  • quality of life
  • increased home values
  • economic benefits for residents and businesses
  • low-impact/high-value tourism
  • environmental sustainability, and
  • help make our communities stronger and safer

Your Trail Alliance Friends Membership entitles you to attend all ticketed events in the calendar year. Events are now members-only. We no longer charge for events (with the possible exception of unforeseen and very rare “special events”.) For more information about our transformation to a membership model please go here.

Contact us for more information or take a look at the downloadable or printable “Fact Sheet”  below.  

If you are wondering where your dues for Friends and Family membership go please click here.

Trail Alliance Friends and Family Program 

In 2022 the River-to-Sea Loop Alliance is completing our long-planned shift from event ticket pricing to members-only events.  Trail Alliance (Individual and Family) Friends and organization Partners will be eligible to attend events, access members only pages and enjoy other beneftis of membship.  Your participation in our “Trail Alliance Friends” membership program will enable us to be more mission-focused and to accomplish our goals for more trails, more people cycling, more active mobility for all, and importantly – more events every year.  Annual memberships provide a more consistent and predictable source of funds to keep us pedaling toward our goals through good times and hard times.  Please help us reach our goals by joining the St Johns River-to-Sea Loop Alliance Trail Alliance membership program. 

Individual Friend – For one person an annual Loop Friends membership is$45 a year.  

Family Friend – For a family of up to 4 people residing in the same household an annual Loop Friends membership is $75

Guest Friend Membership – For guests and visitors who will not be able to attend future events we offer a temporary 2-month membership at $35. We hope everyone will want to support the Alliance and our mission with an annual membership but for visitors who are only in Florida for a short time we understand the need for short term membership.

Under 14 Special Friend –  Trails are great for kids! We offer rides for all ages and abilities to get more young people outdoors on our great trail system. That’s why we offer this special under-14 membership. But remember all children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.  If a Family Membership for up to 4 family members is not a good fit please contact us and we will work something out.

A note for existing Friends and Partners:  Don’t worry – if you’ve become a Friend or Partner in the last six months you are in good standing and will be converted to a 2022 Trail Member or Partner entitled to all member/partner benefits including eligibility to attend all 2022 events