Our Strategy

Beginning closest to home in Volusia and Flagler Counties, we work to accomplish our goals by increasing our capacity to educate, advocate and build community to support active, equitable transportation and recreation in our region.


Educate community on safe cycling and need for bike-friendly infrastructure, policy and culture. Educate community leaders about the benefits of cycling and active mobility for everyone their role in increasing it.


Build public support through grassroots organizing, events and community dialog to ensure elected officials and decision-makers priorities safe and accessible active mobility. We provide a public voice for cycling and active transportation advocacy and cultivate and support champions of better cycling. We interface with other important issues like walking safety, transit access, health and transportation equity, green infrastructure and economic development.


We help people discover the joy of cycling and the benefits of trails and bike-friendly infrastructure through community events and social activities. More people riding bikes and walking increases safe behavior on our streets and bikeways and adds to our momentum of becoming a great cycling and outdoor activity region.


We will develop our capacity through fundraising to generate the human and financial resources to implement the our strategy.  We will continue to expand our Trail Alliance Partner Program for government, businesses and organizations. We will continue to expand our Trail Alliance Friends Program for individuals and families.  We will increase benefits and value for partners and friends, making most events open to members and friends.