Spring to Spring Section
of the St Johns River-to-Sea Loop

The Spring to Spring Trail section of the St Johns River-to-Sea Loop runs from Green Springs Volusia County Park, on the southest end, to DeLeon Springs State Park, on the northwest end. On its route it passes Lake Monroe Park, and Gemini Springs Park, and Blue Spring State Park and Lake Beresford Park.  This is one of the most scenic rides in Florida with many trailheads and multiple options for camping and picnicking.

About the Spring to Spring Section

The Spring to Spring Section is 26 miles long – 30 if you add the lovely spur to Lake Monroe Park. 

This section is beautiful and shady along almost the entire route with multiple picnic opportunities at Green Springs Park, the DeBary Hall Trail Welcome Center, Gemini Springs Park, Lake Monroe Park, Blue Spring State Park, Lake Beresford Park, and DeLeon Springs State Park

You can swim at DeLeon Springs State Park and (in non-manatee season) at Blue Spring State Park ($2 bike entry fee or get the Florida State Park annual pass). 

In January 2022 we celebrate the opening of the West DeBary Gap from Dirksen Drive to W. Highbanks Avenue. The remaining portion marked brown in DeBary is along Donald E. Smith Blvd a local road generally considred safe for all riders. There is a sidewalk for children if needed.

There is now only one significant remaining gap in the Spring to Spring Section of the Loop: 

  • The Beresford Gap:  Grand Ave and Minnesota Ave to Lake Beresford Park– estimated for completion in 2024  

Experienced riders who do not mind a few miles on roads can enjoy a mostly-trail experience along the Spring to Spring Trail section of the Loop from Green Springs (or even from Edgewater or Titusville) to DeLeon Springs.

The route north from Lake Beresford Park to Minnesoat is still in planning. The Loop will eventually but along Grand Avenue, but in the interim we recommend riding along Ridgewood Avenue rather than Grand Avenue.

Green sections indicate completed sections. 
Brown sections are incomplete and may not be ridable.

Press about the Spring to Spring Section of the St Johns River-to-Sea Loop

Lake Monroe Loop

The Lake Monroe Loop is a 26-mile loop around Lake Monroe that connects the Spring to Spring sections of the St Johns River-to-Sea Loop and the Coast to Coast Trail with Seminole County trails along Highway 415 and the south shore of Lake Monroe.

The RiverFront Trail was completed in 2021 from Sanford all the way to the Coast to Coast Trail at the western end. The only incomplete section is along Celery Road scheduled to begin construction in 2023.

It’s a Loop so you can start anywhere but one great day adventure is to start at the Trail Welcome Center at DeBary Hall or trailhead on Dirksen Drive just before Gemini Springs County Park. Or if coming from Orlando on the Sun Rail begin at the SunRail Station. From there you can east to explore the beautiful Green Springs Park, then continue on to Osteen and head south along 415 across the beautiful St JOhns River bridge. Use caution along Celery Road/Highway 415 until the trail there is built as the shoulders are a little narrow.

Once in Sanford you have a choice of the many restaraunts along the on the lake shore at the Riverwalk or the very walk/bike-friendly downtown area.

After lunch continue on the Riverwalk and beautfully streetscaped riverwalk trail along Seminole Blvd past the Central Florida Zoo. Turn right on the Coast to Coast trail under I4, past the Lake Monroe Wayside Park and across the 17/92 bridge on a protected bike lane. Again stop to enjoy beautiful views of the St Johns River and Lake Monroe before riding past or through Lake Monroe Park on the Volusia side.

From here you will connect with one of the most beautiful sections of the Spring to Spring Trail heading through cypress wetlands north toward Gemini Springs. Take some time to explore the beautful Gemini Springs County Park before returning to your starting point.

Trailheads & Camping

Trailheads and campgrounds can be explored in the story map. Click the image and then select the Trail Heads or Camping tab.

Numbering begins at Titusville and proceeds to DeBary, Palatka, St Augustine and back to Titusville. Click on the numbered tag on the map or on the image for more information about the trailhead.