Safe Routes and Ways Project

Let’s Make our Region Safe for Active Tranportation

Project Description

The SJR2C Alliance “Safe Routes and Ways” project to improve safety on key cycling routes and to increase cycling and active transportation in two key areas:  

‘1. Identify, map, and improve safest available routes to trails, schools, parks and other common destinations.  Also identify (and where possible mitigate) safety hazards along the routes.

2. Increase safety and numbers of people walking and cycling and encourage car trip replacement.

Identifying and prioritizing safest routes focuses decision-makers attention, making roads candidates for the local Active Transportation Network and the VTMP. SRW identification increases usage and prioritizes the route for improvements (and avoid dangerous changes) when planned for maintenance.  Getting more people cycling safely involves skills and safety training, tailored route mapping, and providing a convenient online capability for groups to form. A pilot group the “Beresford Bikers” already ride three times a week on a segment of the trail.  More are planned this year. Both activities can be strengthened and accelerated with increased funding. 

A new group named ONWARD for Life! is launching in fall of 2024.

Community Engagement Task