Presentations and Videos highlighting the epic past and the glorious future of the St Johns River-To-Sea Loop.  Add your own video by sending a title and link using the contact form.  Also some inspirational videos about other trails. 

Most recent: 

A four-part presentation that tells all about the Loop.

Part 1 - Background and Why Trails Matter

Part 2 - The Alliance and What We Do 

Part 3  - Around the Loop - What's Happening Now - Titusville to DeLeon Springs

Part 4 - Around the Loop - What's Happening Now - Palatka to Titusville

Cycling in Europe - On Your Own and On a Shoestring

The Partnership Imperative for Trails

Loop Update Jan 28, 2019

Loop Update November 12, 2018

Trail Towns and Agritourism - a Match Made in Heaven 

Strategic Plan Webinar

Synergy with FL Scenic Byways

St Johns River-to-Sea Loop Update  



The 5 Essential Strong Towns Articles  Who will answer for "Deadly by Design"