Help us build better trails, and improve cycling infrastructure, policy and culture in our region.

We are in our summer planning phase now. If you are interested in helping us set direction and lay out strategy, this is a great time to get involved.

Thank you for your interest in helping or joining our organization.  We are always looking for help in almost any way you can think of.  Here are just a few examples but you can just join us as a general helper and define your own role.  We’ve defined these informal categories. You can take on several roles or define your own role.  We are flexible and we’d love to have you consider a combination role that fits your own interests. 

Event Assistance

We can always use help at our events. Our events are always fun and exciting and you will meet lots of people who share your concerns for environment, health and fitness. Please consider lending a hand. We can tailor your tasks to can use any help you care provide

Advisory Board Member 

A general role for anyone interested in getting more involved, volunteering and contributing to the Alliance, and who wants to have an impact on the Loop and a voice in the direction of the Alliance. Being a member of the River to Sea Loop Alliance advisory board provides you with the unique opportunity to contribute to the success of regional trails and public places, and to advance the cause of trails and active, mobility


Correspondents help keep us informed of happenings related to trails and bike-friendly infrastructure or policies. A correspondent can act as a liaison between the Alliance and a region, a county or an organization.  Correspondents are encouraged to provide photos, videos, reports of happenings and articles. 


Ambassadors help us spread the word about the Loop and the Alliance by presenting to other groups, posting on social media, distributing information, and representing the Alliance at events. 

Registered Volunteer

A Registered Volunteer is a person who is willing to sign up for occasional service, for example at events or other special occasions that require a few hours, or for future assignments such as Trail Ranger or Cleanup Parties.  

3V_Volunteers General

Volunteer Registration 

More about volunteering.

Don't hesitate to contact us.  We need help on many fronts so don't hesitate to contact us and share your interest and availability to help.  Volunteers are eligible to receive a FREE one-year Trail Alliance Friend membership.