Spring to Spring Trail

River2SeaLoop Spring to Spring Section

The Spring to Spring Trail section runs from DeLeon Springs State Park to Green Springs Park passing Blue Springs State Park and Lake Monroe and Gemini Springs Parks along the route.  26 miles long - 30 if you add the lovely spur to Lake Monroe Park.  Beautiful and shady.  This is one of the most scenic rides in Florida with many trailheads and multiple options for camping and picnicking.  You can swim at DeLeon Springs State Park and (in non-manatee season) at Blue Spring State Park ($2 bike entry fee or get the Florida State Park annual pass).   

Spring to Spring Trail

Check camping and trailheads here:  

A note about color coding:

The green sections of the map below indicate the completed sections.  Brown sections are incomplete.  

In all our maps except the Ride with GPS Maps, completed trail sections are indicated with green.  In most maps incomplete sections are indicated with either brown (as in the map below) or multi-colored based on FDOT's color coding scheme.  The NON-GREEN sections do not indicate ridable routes -they indicate in work sections.

In our "Ride With GPS" Maps,  to be more consistent with normal use, completed sections are indicated in RED.   SUGGESTED interim on-road routes are indicated in BLUE.  These on-road routes are only suggested for experienced riders.


Spring to Spring Google Map


As can be seen, there are two remaining gaps: 

  • The Beresford Gap:  Grand Ave and Minnesota Ave to Lake Beresford Park– estimated for completion in 2024  
  • The DeBary Gap:  from Highbanks Road to Dirksen Drive  -  due for completion in 2022 

Experienced riders who do not mind a few miles on roads can enjoy a mostly-trail experience along the Spring to Spring Trail section of the Loop from DeLeon Springs to Green Springs and beyond

Ride With GPS Map

Click on the image below for the Ride With GPS map that can be downloaded to your device for navigation.  Red lines indicate completed trail, blue lines are suggested interim routes to navigate around incomplete gaps.

Spring to Spring Ride With GPS

 and trailheads and campgrounds can be explored in the story map.


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