Meet Tarra Gundrum

We are helping raise awareness for and building partnerships with people who share our mission of getting more people interested and involved in cycling and advocating safe places to cycle and walk. 

Tarra Gundrum is a former Marine who loves cycling on trails and wants to encourage and coach others to get outdoors and enjoy cycling and exploring regional trails.  She is planning to start a cycle mentoring program for children in her home state of Wisconsin. 

She recently completed the Great Allegheny Passage/C and O Canal Route from Pittsburg to Washington DC and shared her journey with videos.  We tracked her journey on our cycling and trails advocacy Facebook page at

And you can also see some of her videos at her website  or search facebook for “tgun’s adventures” or subscribe to her YouTube channel.

 Here are a couple of samples 

Meet Tarra Gundrum - she's riding the famous GAP (Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Trail) from Pittsburgh to Washington - but she's doing a LOT more than that. Her project is called "Find Your Possible" to encourage everyone of every age and ability to get active and involved in cycling, cycle touring and trail riding. She's also encouraging something we've often advocated - bike-overnights to get people started and build confidence to get out on the trail and have adventures. And of course, like us, she's all about inclusiveness and education and she makes a great role model to inspire people of all ages, abilities, genders and ethnic backgrounds to experience the many benefits of cycling and trails.

Her website is and we'll be sharing her posts here as she explores the GAP. Along the way she'll experience the wonderful Trail Towns of the GAP - towns that were once declining and are now thriving because of bicycle tourism.

Trails are for EVERYONE!

Day #1 – Pittsburg to Round Bottom

Here's Tarra again - Day 2 and on one of our personal favorite parts of the GAP - Round bottom to Confluence - in fact our VERY FIRST experience with trail riding over 12 years ago (and as they say "the rest is history").

Along the way Tarra met and talked to a lot of interesting people out there on the trail including one group of young people (the oldest 15! - two sisters and a brother 13) riding and camping all the way to Cumberland - now THAT's an adventure they will remember all their lives! If you are wondering if you'd enjoy bike-camping listen to what they have to say.

Some great shots of the beautiful town of Ohiopyle and then on to a campground in Confluence - $8 per person... Bikes are for EVERYONE! Click the link for the full video.

Day 2

Tarra makes it to the Eastern Continental divide and now is headed down! If you haven't done the GAP put it on you bucket list!

Following Tarra on her ride on the GAP and C&O. Today is the first day on the C&O Canal portion of the route and you can see it's a bit rougher than the first GAP part. A long hot 46-mile day to the campsite and then she "totally jumped in the Potomac". always an adventure on the trail.

Join Tarra on Day 6 of her ride from Pittsburgh to Washington along one of our personal favorite parts - Williamsport to Edwards Ferry, with a lunch stop at the historic town of Harpers Ferry.

She’s also active in Bike Overnights, working with Adventure Cycling and filming videos to inspire others.  Here’s her video of taking her dog Maggie on her first bike overnight on September 25, 2020.


WOW! I finally took Maggie on her first bike overnight and it was so cool! She LOVED it and so did I.

The hills kicked my butt, but it was totally worth it! What a cool companion to travel with. Sharing our journey here.